Special Session on Computational Intelligence for Cognitive Robotics

hosted at IEEE-WCCI 2018, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Nowadays, robotics represents a field with a rapidly growing impact on a broad range of industrial and end users market sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, civil, commercial or consumer sectors, logistics, and transport. Nevertheless, its potential could be fully exploited only when robots have additional abilities such as adaptability, interaction capability, dependability, decisional autonomy and cognitive capability.

This special session provides an international forum for academics, developers, and industry-related researchers belonging to the vast communities of Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, etc., to discuss, share experience and explore traditional and new areas of computational intelligence combined to solve a range of problems. The objective of the Special Session is to integrate the growing international community of researchers working on the application of Computational Intelligence techniques in Robotics to a fruitful discussion on the evolution and the benefits of this technology to the society.

Additionally, this special session aims at examining and promoting recent developments in the robotics field and future directions including the related challenges and how these can be overcome with particular focus on computational intelligence methodologies.

Intended Audience

This Special Session is intended as a forum for a broad audience, which spans from machine learning to user profiling and robot behavior control, and it is a place to exchange opinions, to discuss innovative ideas and to get hints and suggestions on ongoing researches.